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Green River Entrance Fountains

The project, situated in the vibrant Green River area of the new administrative capital, serves as a striking focal point at the entrances of the gates. Its innovative design revolves around dry-deck fountains, distinguished by their convergence of nozzles at the center. Unlike conventional fountains that rely on water pools, dry-deck fountains produce captivating displays without standing water, minimizing consumption while maximizing aesthetic impact. Their unique feature allows water to be ejected directly onto a solid surface, creating intricate patterns and designs that captivate onlookers.

During execution, skilled technicians and engineers meticulously installed the dry-deck fountain system, ensuring precise alignment of the nozzles to achieve the desired visual effect. The surrounding landscape was thoughtfully curated to complement the fountain's design, enhancing its overall allure and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the Green River area. Upon completion, the project received acclaim from clients and visitors alike, praised for its innovative approach, sustainability, and undeniable visual appeal. The dry-deck fountain emerged as a standout feature, further enhancing the area's reputation as a premier destination within the new administrative capital.

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