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Pyramids Square Fountain

The project involves creating one of the biggest and most remarkable fountains in the new administrative capital of Egypt. Positioned centrally in Pyramids Square, its location is pivotal to the city's landscape. The design concept revolves around a massive water fountain featuring four symmetrical fountains surrounding an expansive overflow area. With a total of 22 pumps, the fountain promises a spectacular display of water choreography. Executing such a grand project required meticulous planning and precise implementation. Engineers and craftsmen collaborated closely to bring the vision to life, from site excavation to the installation of pumping systems and water features.

Upon completion, the client expressed immense satisfaction with the result, praising both its visual impact and technical excellence. Visitors to the new administrative capital marveled at the fountain's beauty, considering it a symbol of Egypt's progressive urban development. The project's success further solidified its status as a landmark of unparalleled significance.

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