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Project Details

Porto Sharm Lagoon Project

The Porto Sharm El Sheikh Lagoon project entails the creation of a vast lagoon nestled within the stunning landscape of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Serving as a centerpiece of the Porto Sharm resort, the lagoon offers guests a serene and picturesque environment to relax and enjoy aquatic activities. With its crystal-clear waters and lush surroundings, the lagoon enhances the overall ambiance of Porto Sharm, contributing to its reputation as a premier destination for leisure and relaxation.

Execution of the project required careful planning and precise implementation to bring the vision to life. Skilled engineers and construction teams worked tirelessly to excavate and shape the lagoon, ensuring optimal depth and contours for swimming and water sports. Advanced filtration and circulation systems were installed to maintain water quality and clarity, providing guests with a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Landscaping and amenities around the lagoon were thoughtfully designed to complement its natural beauty and create inviting spaces for relaxation and recreation.

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