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Remote-Controlled Swimming Pool Lights

A classic updated to today's light


Simple: The changeover to LED without complications

No need to manipulate the electrical panel as it is compatible with the same

transformers as halogen lamps and RGB control is done through a remote control.

Smart: A reliable classic updated

The smart choice because of its competitive price and it also has the same principles (in terms of appearance and installation) as halogen products, but now with LED technology. It fits perfectly with existing structures, making it ideal for retrofit. Powered at 12Vac.

Efficient: Light up your pool efficiently Enjoy greater illumination at a lower

price and the tranquility of having purchased an AstralPool light:

• Made in the EU: State-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

• Technical know-how: • +14 years of experience designing, developing and

manufacturing underwater products, now updated with LED technology.

• Quality control: Each unit is tested prior to validation to ensure IP68 watertightness validation to guarantee its its water tightness and luminous performance.

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